About Cook22

Why the hell am I doing this?

That is a darn good question. I’ve had this website for a few years now and honestly, I lost interest at some point. It’s quite a bit of work to post new recipes, so I kinda just stopped doing it. But I was really happy with how it looked, so I kept it up. Then it broke and I had to restart it all. Which I am currently in the process of doing.

But again: why? Mostly, because I want to practice making these simple websites. I have no intention of becoming a website developer, but I do have a few ideas I want to work on, so I figured: let’s start by rebuilding cook22. I have a starting point with posts and photo’s, so I can ‘easily’ figure stuff out. After that, who knows, I might start a second one etc. etc. 

As for the original idea about a cooking website: because I like cooking, I like taking photos and I like to play and fiddle with layouts and stuff. To make things look nice. So I started making a website where I just gather some of my favorite recipes, and here we are.


my cooking

I like simple stuff. Learn by doing. Hands-on. Efficiency. Back-to-basic. Improvising and experimenting. But when I make a traditional dish, I want to stay as true to the original as possible. 

 I don’t like spillage. Waste. Pretentiousness. A dirty kitchen.

My kitchen

I have a small kitchen, so I value space a lot. So no big kitchen blenders and specialized equipment. I like it simple and minimalistic. No single-purpose items. Maybe it’s a bit too spartan, but for now it is working for me.

But I also like knives, so I have a few too many of those…